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We are a passion driven team of developers that works round the clock to provide you with a cutting edge platform for your product changelogs.

What drives us and what we aspire to achieve.

A few years ago, our team needed a Changelog software for our in-house apps. Even after an exhausting search we could not find a Changelog software that perfectly suited our needs. Being the creative minds that they are, our developers decided to write their own script. This script worked exceptionally well and made our product updates noticeably efficient. The growth we made led fellow businesses to ask our secret. Soon we realized that we had an opportunity to make a positive and helpful impact on our business community.  

In 2021, we assigned our developers with the task to convert the script we were using into a full- fledged web-based app that could be used by Saas companies of all types and sizes. After 3 months of hard work, Kuickfeed was born. Fast forward to 2022 we launched Kuickfeed to the SaaS world and got an overwhelming response. Today we have more than 2500 satisfied customers using Kuickfeed for their product updates.  

And it doesn’t end just here! With every passing day our team works diligently to add unique features to Kuickfeed that will make it easy for businesses to connect with their customers, gather their valuable suggestions and implement them effectively. 

Our Mission

Kuickfeed aims at making Changelog an easy, quick and attractive process by giving it a non-technical look that can be understood by everyone.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way changelogs are managed by providing an engaging platform for users.

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