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Changelog for dummies

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The timezone change automatically updates every post inside your changelog.

Integrate your own custom domain and get it secured by our free SSL certificate.

Set your colors, logo, favicon, title, custom links, and more to reflect your brand.

Insert third-party analytics code or modify the look and feel using custom code. You have total freedom.

Keep a backlog of posts and schedule them to be published at future dates.

Create your own custom categories to label the posts or modify the existing ones.

Use either an image-based graphic or a short video to explain your posts.

Bring your VAs or team members and start collaboration and delegation.

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"I really like the changelogs created by KuickFeed. They help to present our ProductDyno updates in a professional, modern, clean & easy to use page for our customers."

Jeremy Gislason

Co-Founder - ProductDyno

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