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Kuickfeed is excellent tool for recording and updating changelogs. I am not a developer but a marketer. However I build websites and track my google ads. I am using this tool for recording the changes that I make to google ads, facebook ads, split testing , website and shopify pages. The best thing is that in the team plan, entire team can be in same page. No longer does the team need to ask what changes have been made. And if ever we need to roll back changes in our shopify account or landing pages, one needs to just look at kuickfeed and roll it back. Complete freedom from google spreadsheet. Great job Kuickfeed team.

Potions Teacher

Earlybird Customer

Very easy to use and love the features of this software especially customize branding. Thank you kuickfeed!


Earlybird Customer

Everything is right here. easy to set up, easy to use. and everything runs very smoothly.


Earlybird Customer

Easy to use, beautiful, brandable, custom domain or cname, embed, works great on mobile. What more do you need? Great product!


Earlybird Customer

Kuickfeed is extremely handy! I really like the conciseness of Kuickfeed, it knows what's it for and makes it damn easy to get the job done without much trouble. A handy addition in my toolkit.

Irfan Rufi

Earlybird Customer

Kuickfeed is a simple and straightforward changelog tracking software that allows the public to follow your updates and edits. Give it a try!

Derek Padula

Earlybird Customer

It's exactly what I've been looking for. It's simple, fast and looks great. In less than an hour I have already entered several posts and configured it with my own domain. Quick response from support helped me with a color change and it's ready for production. Excellent work!


Earlybird Customer

This is a service that allows you to publish a changelog of your products. This is my first time using such a service, and the experience was great. But it would be nice if I could edit the post with markdown, because I prefer to do things with plain text.


Earlybird Customer

Very happy with my Kuick products: this is the perfect way to communicate progress to our members, community and team. Thanks so much!


Earlybird Customer

Excellent tool for recording and updating changelogs.

Anupam T.

Earlybird Customer

"Good if you need a simple changelog"


Earlybird Customer

This software company just ROCKS! Not only are their feeds beautiful, but when I came to them with a buuuunch of questions they were both swift, kind, and generous with their response. I'm making a bunch of feeds for friends and family, and this is just the PERFECT tool for it - YEHUUU!!

Victoria Erimita

Earlybird Customer

I would say it delivers what it promises. It is simple - but does what it is supposed to. There is a quick guide - but is hardly necessary - the setup is self-explanatory. And at the price you can not go wrong


Earlybird Customer

Kuickfeed is a great option if you want a simple to use Changelog thats easy to update. Looking forward to how they build out the tool and the new feature they add.

Dave C.

Earlybird Customer

The product is great to keep track of the advance of your project but the support and the team are even better, here are your tacos pal!

J. Alfonzos

Earlybird Customer

This is a Life Saver for my Business. Thank You...


Earlybird Customer

This is a straight forward tool with a familiar admin interface that will make it intuitive for most to use. the pro plan will do what you need and that is a great deal. If you are a hard core coder you may just prefer plain text style changelogs but I like to brand everything and that is a cool feature here. You can add your logo/header/footer and customize fonts. Even a custom domain is included. At the team level you can do 10 changelogs and manage team as well as remove the powered by. Otherwise you have a full branding here at either level. There is also the option to add js/css so you could really stylize and get creative here.

For really jacking up the branding/styling, I might suggest templates for styling or maybe some sort of styling options for output e.g. how much padding to use between items. This could be achieved with the custom css but it would be more convenient for most I think, in an editor panel or some sort of template options. Perhaps optional paid templates for some additional mrr for the developer.

And an option to output a plain text (changelog.txt or .md) version for download could be useful for some.

Paul M.

Earlybird Customer

Honestly speaking, Kuickfeed is in its early stage right now. It may not be very feature-rich right now but it does what it says. If you want to add a very simple update channel to your product/website where people see what are you up to then sure get it. And for the price you are not going to be wrong. So I suggest trying it and maybe you will like its simplicity.

I have a few suggestions for the team:

1. The backend interface could be better. Like bigger icons for settings and editing changelog, right now they are tiny.

2. Allow us to use custom fonts to match our brand.

3. Embeddable changelog to any website and app.

4. Control of font size and colors for the footer links.


Earlybird Customer

Effective and easy to use!

Farman Ghani

Earlybird Customer

A good tool for changelog tracking.


Earlybird Customer

This is great! Simple, easy, affordable.....can't beat it! 


Earlybird Customer

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